We'd like to make changes to our hall to bring it up to date and meet the needs of the community better.  Our current plan is to renovate and extend the existing hall.  


March 2019 - We are delighted to report that planning permission for our renovation and extension has been granted. Full details of the can be found on the RBWM website planning website - reference 18/03299/FULL or Click here.


The Hall has served us all well for over 60 years - but it needs updating to meet local needs and to continue as an important asset for the community. New investment creates the opportunity for more flexible space to accommodate different uses at the same time. We have an ambitious, but realistic, plan and one that aims to respect the Hall's heritage.


When we first showed the plans in June, they received a lot of support but there were also some positive suggestions for design changes. Listening to these comments we have:

► made the main kitchen larger

► created more storage space

► increased the usable floor area of the main Hall

► made the Parish Council's office larger to better accommodate their needs 


It maintains a main hall large enough for social badminton; creates a second smaller multi-function space that can be let independently or linked in with the main hall; creates two kitchens that can serve the two main lettable spaces independently; provides space for a demountable stage & good storage; creates a new meeting room; provides a welcoming and usable informal reception area; creates a much larger Parish Office that is more visible, with a much improved outlook and with a meeting room attached; updates the Hall's external appearance while maintaining much of the existing structure; substantially improves energy conservation; maintains the same number of car parking spaces (46 spaces); and improves the relationship between the Hall and the play area - we are also working on plans to improve the play area. 



View From Playing Field
Proposed Ground Floor - Stage Hired
Proposed Ground Floor - General Arrangement
Proposed Ground Floor - Function Rooms in Separate Usage
Existing Site Plan
View from Car Park
Proposed Site Plan